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Jonathan  Bick, Esq.

Jonathan Bick handles the prosecution and litigation of complex intellectual property matters for companies large and small. For more than three decades, he has been routinely called upon to represent clients in complex patent litigation matters. Jonathan’s expertise in the areas of chemical engineering, internet law, and e-commerce provides clients with business, legal, and technological solutions across industries. For more than 20 years, Jonathan represented IBM as Corporate Litigation Counsel in over 30 states.

Additionally, as Copyright Agent for Brach Eichler clients and other entities, Jonathan helps companies and individuals protect their websites, register with the U.S. Copyright Office, and comply with all pertinent copyright laws.

A Chartered Financial Analyst, Jonathan splits his professional life between academia and the practice of law. Previously a shareholder at Greenberg Traurig and an IBM attorney, Adjunct Professor Bick now regularly teaches while helping clients resolve legal difficulties and providing guidance in the areas of intellectual property, information technology, patents, and copyright matters.

Jonathan has served as a Professor of Internet Law at Pace Law School and Rutgers University Law School (1998-present). He also serves as a Professor for Business Law and Electronic Commerce, Rutgers University & University of Maryland joint Electronic Commerce Masters program (2000-present); Professor for the Pace Law Center for Continuing Legal Education (1998-present); and as an Internet Law Visiting Lecturer at Cornell University (2000-present).

He is also the author of 101 Things You Need To Know About Internet Law (Random House 2000). He has published more than 200 articles regarding Internet law during the past six years and is on the editorial board of The Internet Law & Strategy. He speaks regularly on Internet and computer-law-related issues.

He has served as a board member of the American Jewish Committee since 2006.

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