Programs are available online to all firms wishing to assist their attorneys in obtaining their CLE credits. Please email to obtain a coupon code for your firm. Once an attorney has completed a program, your firm will be billed $30 each for the cost of each certificate which will be issued as a download once the attorney has completed the affirmation for the particular program. CDs will be available for all programs upon request. Please email to purchase CDs for any course. Cost will be $95.00 per CD, plus shipping and handling.

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Upcoming Webcasts:

Paying the Piper: PPP and Related COVID and CARES ACT Enforcement


This presentation will begin with a retrospective assessment of the CARES Act legislation and related regulatory measures promulgated by key... read more

Communication Techniques to Overcome Gender Bias in the Legal Profession


Andie Kramer and Alton B. Harris, authors of Breaking Through Bias (Second Edition) and It’s Not You, It’s the Workplace,... read more

Force Majeure Lease Provisions and Covid-19 Related Relief: More Power to the Tenants


With the spiraling rate of challenge and even failure for restaurants and retail establishments many lawyers are experiencing their first... read more

Helping Diverse Attorneys Thrive: Tips from In-House Counsel and Outside Counsel


Most law firms and corporate legal departments have had diversity-related initiatives for years, but these efforts have failed to develop... read more

The World Turned Upside Down: How the Pandemic Has Permanently Transformed the Legal Industry


The Corona virus has required virtually all businesses to re-think how they deliver services, and the legal industry is no... read more

Problems and Challenges in Federal Criminal Trial Practice Resulting From COVID-19


This session will explore the challenges and novel legal issues arising in Federal criminal trial practice and procedure stemming from... read more

Where Can We Be Sued? The Evolving Landscape of Personal Jurisdiction


Defending a lawsuit in a distant state can give rise to a range of challenges: unfamiliar laws, additional litigations costs,... read more

Handling Death Cases in New York


There are two separate and distinct causes of action in death cases: survivorship cause of action and wrongful death. ●... read more

Federal Employment Taxes: Civil & Criminal Enforcement Trends


This program will provide an overview of employers’ payroll tax obligations (including the duties to collect and pay over) and... read more

Overcoming Fintiv: Obtaining Institution Decisions From the PTAB in This New Age of Discretion


There’s no doubt about it. Convincing the PTAB to institute an inter partes review today is getting tougher. It’s no... read more


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