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Gerald  Maatman Jr., Esq.

Jerry Maatman Jr. has defended some of the most significant bet-the-company cases ever filed against corporate America. He has represented companies, executive teams, and boards across the country in class action litigation, ranging in size from hundreds to tens of thousands of claims by employees. As such, he has seen virtually every litigation challenge conceivable. He approaches each case by owning the problem and viewing it from the client's perspective. By understanding and prioritizing his clients' objectives and goals, Jerry is able to solve exceptionally complex legal issues in an efficient and capable manner. His are the hands clients want on the steering wheel of the defense of their significant litigation. 

While he is known to be a fierce litigator, Jerry also helps his clients see ahead and prevent issues that could turn into litigation. For instance, he pioneered the process of conducting employment-practices audits to assist employers in structuring effective and practical personnel policies and protocols. These audits were designed to minimize the incidence of employment-related class action litigation and to maximize management discretion and workplace productivity. This concept was formed by keeping the clients' needs at the top of his priority list, allowing him to provide integral assistance to myriad businesses and corporate boardrooms throughout his career. 

Communication is at the center of Jerry's client service philosophy, no matter how large or complex the case. Each month, Jerry prepares comprehensive reports for his clients that document that latest updates in all of their active cases. Jerry's reports are often accompanied by a preview of the upcoming challenges in a case, or a calendar noting important deadlines. This is a process that Jerry has conducted every month for nearly 20 years. Over this time, Jerry has learned that those reports allow clients to more easily understand the current status of their cases without any unnecessary effort on their end.

Programs by Gerald  Maatman Jr., Esq..

This program will cover significant developments in biometric privacy laws and their impact on workplace class action litigation, focusing on lawsuits arising from the 2008 Biometric Information Privacy Act of Illinois (BIPA) as well as recent laws m...

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