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David A.  Prange, Esq.

When key business and legal decisions demand clear answers, trial lawyer and licensed patent attorney David Prange provides the definitive advice clients need. Pragmatic, technical, and analytic, David uses his training as a scientist and knowledge of competitive-advantage litigation to help clients navigate their complex intellectual property problems. Clients first appreciate David because of his nuanced, experienced-based understanding of litigation. They then come to rely on his leadership abilities, integrity, and ability to translate sophisticated technologies into relevant legal cases, claims,defenses, and theories.

David’ s experience litigating disputes involves patent infringement, trade secret misappropriation, and trademark infringement, as well as insurance coverage and contractual licensing relating to intellectual property assets such as patents, standard-essential patents, and trade secrets. David’s cases have covered a wide a range of technologies: the hardware and software of personal electronics; communication protocols (wired and wireless) and sensor technologies; aircraft navigation, fail-safe, and GPS systems; aircraft flame barrier laminates; irrigation controllers and sensor integration; mechanical vehicle transmissions; consumer and commercial water purification and remediation systems; battery technology; and medical devices.

David has appeared in federal district courts across the country, the ITC, and has further prosecuted appeals in state and federal appellate courts. David is experienced in all phases of litigation, including pre-suit investigations; discovery and implementing cost-containment strategies for source code and electronic discovery; development and implementation of technical and financial expert opinion testimony; depositions; non-dispositive and dispositive motion practice; claim construction practice; pre-trial and trial practice; appeals; and settlement negotiations.

David is licensed before the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a patent attorney.

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