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The Secret Behind the Highest Performing Teams (hint: it is not just compensation)

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Today’s highest performers are looking for more from their employers. They want to work for an organization that they can support and that supports them. They want their voices heard and their ideas considered. They want the freedom and support if they make a well-intentioned mistake when pursuing a new or creative path to a solution and not face censure from their manager. These high performers are at their best when they know they can trust their managers and the larger organization. Yet, historically, law firms are not seen as nurturing high trust environments. 

In our second visit with Carol Rubin, Chief Operations Officer at Jenner & Block LLP she will share her thoughts on: 

  • Why a high-performance team of business professionals is critical in our highly competitive sector.
  • The definition of a high trust environment.
  • The characteristics of a high trust environment.
  • How a leader can create a high trust environment for a legacy team.
  • The benefits of a high trust environment for an organization.
  • How do you know when you have developed a high trust organization.
  • How to maintain and grow your high trust organization or creating attachment through trust.

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  • Florida
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  • New York
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  • Employee Benefits & Compensation
  • Employment & Labor Law
  • Federal Courts
  • Florida Eligible
  • Labor & Workforce Management Law
  • Law Practice Management


  • Areas of Professional Practice : 1 Credit