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A Trial Attorney’s Strategy on How to Convince the Jury

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This lecture is prepared to assist the trial attorney in how to convince jurors that they should vote in favor of his/her client.  It will provide you with “approaches”; “techniques”; and “lines” that you can utilize to aid you in winning your case; how to cross examine a witness in such a way so as to lead the witness to believe that his response is bad for your case when, in fact, it is helpful. And how to appeal to the juror’s sentiments, by the use of emotion while delivering your closing argument. Below are photos of two vehicles damaged when my respective clients drove into the back of them. The vehicles with rear end damage are the plaintiffs’ vehicles. In both cases I was successful in arguing to the jury that the plaintiff, the operator of the front vehicle, was at fault. Both cases were tried in the Bronx, NY. 

COMMENT: I absolutely loved this guy. After 33 years of practice and about 200 jury trials, I know that everything he is saying is the greatest advice. If only I'd heard this one 33 years ago. I learned everything he's saying the hard way after living in the courtroom for most of my career. I wish I knew how to give this gift to young lawyers because it is spot on perfect. This may be the finest CLE course I have ever taken. Bravo!

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  • Skills : 1.5 Credit