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Storytelling in the Courtroom (Part 2)

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As a trial lawyer, what do you really need in order to win your case? Attention — the jury’s attention. 

I don’t mean that in the narcissistic “everyone look at me” sense. When I say every trial lawyer wants more attention, what I mean is that before you can build a rapport with the jury and earn their trust, you have to fight a war — the war for the jury’s attention. “Attention” and “connection” are the key elements needed to win the minds and hearts of the jury. 

Like it or not, we are in the midst of an attention war. We need to confront the reality that the jury’s attention can no longer be taken for granted. We have to change our way of thinking to focus on gaining attention before we can leave lasting impressions. 

The jury’s attention must be the currency that every trial lawyer trades in. In this presentation, I will talk about how storytelling can help lawyers to cut through all of the noise and distractions of everyday life in order to connect to the jury on a human level.

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  • Communication Skills
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  • Areas of Professional Practice : 1.5 Credit