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The Cum-Ex Scandal: Will US Prosecutors Elbow Into Europe’s Greatest Tax Fraud?

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Tens of billions of dollars have been lost in Europe’s biggest tax fraud in history, the Cum-Ex scandal. Up to now, the scandal – and government efforts to prosecute those complicit in it – have been largely limited to Europe. Now, with a new Administration in DC and more aggressive prosecutors filling up US agencies, can we now expect that US enforcement attention will focus on this scandal? And start seeking to hold those involved responsible? This program will explain briefly the history and scope of what led to this scandal, and explain the risks of enhanced US enforcement efforts. It will explain what US agencies are likely to be looking at, and set out what theories of liability are likely to be the premise for additional liability. Finally, it will set out risk factors about which financial firms, and counsel, should be aware. 

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  • Antitrust Law
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