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Funding in a Financial Downturn: How Litigation Finance Can Help Clients and Law Firms Weather the Storm (09/21/2020)

Program Number: 30231 Presenter: Wendie Childress, Esq., David J. Kerstein, Esq.

During this period of economic uncertainty, litigation finance can serve as a tool to help clients and law firms weather the storm. Dave Kerstein, Chief Risk Officer for Validity Finance and Wendie Childress, Validity's Portfolio Counsel, will discuss what lawyers need to know about how to use litigation finance to help their clients, including companies in distress, recover valuable assets in the form of legal claims and improve their balance sheets. The presentation will also cover portfolio financing and how it can help law firms attain profitability and growth, even in the midst of financial strain in the legal industry.

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Corporate Investigations: The Part They Don't Teach (09/15/2020)

Program Number: 30227 Presenter: Jarrett Wolf

This course is intended to enhance the experienced practitioner's knowledge of how to conduct and manage corporate internal and external investigations. Using a building block approach, the course provides an overview of investigative techniques. The course next discusses the law and ethics of conducting investigations. Finally, using hypotheticals, the course illustrates how investigations can be used to reduce money laundering and reputational risks, identify fraud and corruption, protect and defend company interests in litigation, and resolve government investigations.

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The Effort to Establish a Level Playing Field (10/13/2020)

Program Number: 30226 Presenter: Jay Goldberg, Esq., Alex Huot, Esq.

How do we establish a level playing field in a criminal case and vindicate the rights mandated by the Supreme Court? The talk will alert defense counsel to ways to involve the court in monitoring compliance with its rule under Brady v Maryland 373U.S. 83(1963) and the Rules of the Court. For some time, as long as a half century ago in May 1963, courts promised that the government and defense would, as far as possible, engage on a level playing field. We will be discussing this along with the promises made as to equality between counsel in terms of information and adherence to Brady and its progeny.

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Analyzing Retail Bankruptcies (09/11/2020)

Program Number: 30223 Presenter: Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams, Stephen B. Selbst, Esq., Steven B. Smith, Esq.

Thousands of businesses across the country and across industries have been driven to bankruptcy by COVID – 19. You have never heard of most of them, but some retailers are household names. Many of them were already struggling when they closed stores and laid off employees. The combined effects of a challenging retail environment coupled with the impact of the pandemic caused significant financial distress on many companies. Join our expert bankruptcy panel as they give a market update and primer on who’s filing for Chapter 11. Our panelist will discuss: 1. Reorganizing and Liquidating Retail Debtors 2. Analyzing Retail Bankruptcy Cases 3. Using Pleadings to Understand Case 4. Valuing Debtor Assets and Liabilities 5. Bankruptcy Sale Process

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Practitioners Take Note: Don't Get Bitten by the Federal Tort Claims Act (10/15/2020)

Program Number: 30221 Presenter: Clifford A. Rieders, Esq.

The Federal Tort Claims Act is the way that the federal government is sued for negligence. There are many exceptions to the Act and a complex framework with respect to when an entity and its employees are deemed to be covered by the F.T.C.A. The law has also evolved dramatically as to when certain organizations, especially medical health care entities, receive protection under the Federal Tort Claims Act. Contributory negligence is different than most state law. Parts of the FTCA borrow state law, and for some issues “federal law” governs. The SOL, particularly in minor’s tolling, is unique. Who gets sued, who gets served and exhaustion cannot be ignored? This seminar will deal with the major issues concerning the Federal Tort Claims Act, including how one deals with it and how one can be bitten by the Act.

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Summer Review: Top IP Decisions (09/03/2020)

Program Number: 30220 Presenter: Sarah Benowich, Esq.

This webinar will review significant trademark, copyright, and patent decisions from the United States Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal. In addition to delving into new precedent, the webinar will focus on practical implications from what has been an eventful summer for intellectual property decisions.

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When Three C’s Collide: Covid, Commercial Leasing, and Chapter 11 (09/30/2020)

Program Number: 30218 Presenter: Robert C. Gagne, Esq., Jonathan T. Koevary, Esq.

The program will discuss the legal and practical commercial lease issues arising from COVID-19 with respect to chapter 11 debtors and their landlords, including the timing of payment of post-filing rents and related issues of statutory construction, adequate protection, the automatic stay, and potential underlying litigation. Learning objectives will include understanding the key statutes at play, public policy, and strategy.

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The Show Must Go On: Legal Issues Affecting Broadway due to COVID (09/11/2020)

Program Number: 30212 Presenter: Matthew Windham, Esq.

This program will discuss the challenging legal issues facing Broadway and the professional American theater as a result of COVID. These issues relate to governmental mandates, contract law, insurance coverage, union representation, the obligation to provide refunds, providing for the health and safety of theater workers and audience members, intellectual property rights, and presenting live and prerecorded content on the internet while the theaters remain closed. Learning objectives will include understanding how COVID has created novel difficult questions in different areas of substantive law for an industry that was thriving artistically and commercially just months ago and has now come to a total standstill.

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Courting Public Opinion: Legal and Practical Challenges In Navigating High-Profile Cases (09/29/2020)

Program Number: 30211 Presenter: Evan T. Barr, Esq., Lisa Green, Esq.

Looking through the lens of recent high-profile prosecutions, this program will examine the legal and ethical guardrails that govern interactions between lawyers and the media on behalf of the state or clients. The program will explore applicable ethical and DOJ standards (and discuss what happens when prosecutors skate close to, or arguably over, the line); remedies defense lawyers can seek when press coverage threatens a fair trial; the role of social media; and the pros and cons of press contact.

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Effective Mediation Part 3 - Overcoming Unrecognized Emotions in Mediating Commercial Disputes (06/01/2020)

Program Number: 3021 Presenter: Leslie Berkoff, Esq., Elizabeth Shampnoi

Emotions are not relegated to personally identifiable disputes, such as employment, personal injury or matrimonial. Oftentimes, the parties to a commercial dispute are harboring unrecognized emotions arising from the dynamics of the events leading up to the dispute, the interactions between the parties as well as the impact of the subject matter of the dispute at hand. Failing to identify and recognize these emotions impedes the ability of the parties to address them in a way that allows the parties to focus on the overarching business dispute. By recognizing and addressing emotions, the parties can move towards a more level playing field of negotiation and adequately address the dispute between them. As long as these emotions remain unnamed and unmanaged, getting to "yes" or some form of resolution may be impossible. This program will explore the means to identify and recognize emotions in commercial disputes, and provide tools to foster

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