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A Primer on International Taxation

Program Number: 2929 Presenter: Jacob Stein, Esq.

This will be a discussion on inbound taxation (foreigners doing business or investing in the U.S.). Attendees will learn the important aspects such as income taxes applicable to non-resident aliens, pre-immigration planning, FIRPTA, and ownership structures for non-resident aliens. The discussion will also touch on the changes to international taxation brought about by the new tax act.

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Achieving Success in 2019: 5 Tips for Success in Private Practice

Program Number: 2928 Presenter: Matt Starosciak, Esq.

Whether 2018 was your firm’s best year ever or one of the very worst, nothing provides more opportunity for success than a new year. But what are the steps you must take to ensure the upcoming year is exceptional from both revenue and career satisfaction perspectives? What are the simple tools and resources you can implement today to help achieve your goals? How do you set realistic objectives, measure what impacts success, and work through the tough challenges you’ll face in the coming 12 months? Celesq AttorneysEdCenter and Thomson Reuters is committed to the success of all attorneys in private practice and is pleased to provide the CLE titled Achieving Success in 2019: 5 Tips for Winning as a Private Practice by Matt Starosciak, one of the nation’s leading experts in law firm consulting and business development.

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New and Emerging Data Challenges (Jan 11, 2019)

Program Number: 2927 Presenter: Martha K. Louks, Jason Paroff, Peter J. Pizzi, Esq., Sagi Sam

**** CD's are pre-order only and not available until after the program date - Online is not available until after the program date **** The way we communicate and conduct business is evolving rapidly, and eDiscovery must be able to track and support varied methods of communication. Emerging data types such as audio files, company chats, and mobile notation applications, create challenges for e-discovery groups, including their ability to preserve, collect and analyze it all. Discovery can be greatly expedited with technologies and use of an outside party. Modern eDiscovery teams in the financial sector should understand what types of data are emerging, how to choose technology for review and interpretation, and when to seek third-party help. During this 60-minute program, our panelists will discuss: • What e-discovery and legal professionals in the financial sector are identifying as new and emerging data types, and how to treat and analyze them • Proactive steps e-discovery

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Designing and Drafting the Integrated Estate Planning Structure

Program Number: 2924 Presenter: Andrew Bechel, Esq., Edward D. Brown, Esq., GreenspoonMarder, PA

Asset protection practitioners need to be well-versed in the relevant core concepts before endeavoring to assist their clients with a plan’s design and implementation. In this program, Edward D. Brown will provide an in-depth introduction to the conceptual design and implementation of a client’s overall integrated estate plan. Areas of discussion will include what is an integrated estate planning trust (“IEPT”), what is a limited partnership, a general overview of an integrated estate plan, balancing protection with flexibility, how much of the client’s overall estate should one set out to protect, an overview of available integrated estate planning techniques, whether an IEPT should stand alone or be integrated with the client’s overall estate plan, the trustee selection process and whether an IEPT’s settlor(s) should act as the IEPT’s protector(s). Additional topics of discussion will include a comparison of domestic trusts versus foreign

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Recent Developments in Asset Protection Planning During 2018 and into 2019

Program Number: 2923 Presenter: Edward D. Brown, Esq., GreenspoonMarder, PA, Jacqueline Z. Fox, Esq., LL.M.

This presentation will cover "takeaways" from past cases, including the more recent developments. Mr. Brown will discuss how these cases continue to create a blueprint for how to properly structure asset protection and estate plans and how best to administer those already in place. The importance of timing will also be analyzed with respect to wealth transfers.

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The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act

Program Number: 2922 Presenter: Julie Colton, Esq.

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act helps determine which court will hear a custody matter, as well as, how custody order are enforced in other jurisdictions. The act has been adopted by 49 states. Not only does it determine which state has jurisdiction can be used in some instances to determine which county has jurisdiction. Use of the uniform act for jurisdiction and enforcement will be review. This will include the registration of orders in other states.

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Subtle Harassment, Code Words and Implicit Bias: Proving Everyday Discrimination in Court

Program Number: 2921 Presenter: Taylor J. Crabill, Esq., Lawrence M. Pearson, Esq.

For employment law practitioners, egregious and high-profile incidents and allegations are not the only matters that generate litigation. More subtle forms of bias are often central to sustaining or defending against a discrimination or harassment claim, as many cases do not include a “smoking gun” piece of evidence or an allegation that neatly fulfills the various requirements of a cause of action. Bias on the part of managers or coworkers also does not always present itself or cause harm in obvious, open ways. Federal and state courts have grappled with how facially neutral statements, particularly when combined with other evidence and unequal practices, may show workplace discrimination. Similarly, subtle, indirect and unwelcome sexual advances or other mistreatment can support harassment claims under the law. This presentation will discuss how attorneys for employees can develop claims in the absence of openly discriminatory comments, and how employers can evaluate exposure and investigate

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Structuring Options for ESOP Transactions: Advanced Techniques for ERISA Counsel and Plan Sponsors

Program Number: 2920 Presenter: David R. Johanson, Esq., Roberta Casper Watson, Esq.

An employee stock ownership plan or “ESOP” can be an extremely useful tool in terms of tax and employee benefits that it provides and in the contexts of business succession planning and corporate mergers and acquisitions. The design and structure of ESOP transactions and the administration of ESOPs in general, however, remain subject to heightened scrutiny. To help ERISA counsel, accountants, and corporate directors and officers understand the statutory and regulatory framework that governs ESOP transactions, our panel will discuss applicable laws and regulations impacting ESOP transactions, available regulatory guidance, and other critical considerations for structuring ESOP transactions. This program on advanced structuring alternatives for ESOP transactions will address the available financing alternatives for ESOP transactions, ESOP transaction structure alternatives, how management incentive plans may factor into transaction planning and procedures, clawbacks and earn-outs in ESOP transactions, and potential conflicts of interests in structuring ESOP transactions.

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Ethics and Employment Law: Who is the Client and is it you?

Program Number: 2919 Presenter: Patricia C. Collins, Esq.

This seminar will review the ethics issues that arise for employment attorneys in representing an organization. It is inevitable that such a representation will result in close working relationships with executives and human resource employees that complicate the attorney-client relationship. Further, close involvement with the operations of the client or a particular decision regarding an employee may render the attorney a fact witness or simply too close to give good advice. Topics to be examined are: negotiating employee contracts, drafting policies that impact your client contact, termination or resignation of your client contract, attorneys as fact witnesses, attorneys as investigators, and maintaining professional distance.

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Filing Taxes on Crypto Gains/Losses

Program Number: 2918 Presenter: John Rafferty, Esq.

After millions of new users flooded Cryptocurrency exchanges in late 2017, most cryptocurrencies saw a jumpy start to 2018 and erased many of their recent gains during the remainder of the year. Crypto investors were faced in 2018 with the choices to sell depressed assets or acquire new positions at discounted rates. Whether investors bought or sold, or just conducted atomic swaps in their crypto wallets, these transactions create certain, specific obligations for U.S. Citizens, whether home or abroad. Tune in to this Crypto/Tax CLE to learn about the legal requirements for reporting crypto gains, losses and swaps and learn about some online tools that just might make preparing to file your return simpler.

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