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Structuring Options for ESOP Transactions: Advanced Techniques for ERISA Counsel and Plan Sponsors (Feb 27, 2019)

Program Number: 2920 Presenter: David R. Johanson, Esq., Roberta Casper Watson, Esq.

**** CD's are pre-order only and not available until after the program date - Online Programs are not available until after the program date. CLICK ONLY THE ONLINE BUTTON TO ADD TO CART, IF THAT BUTTON IS NOT AVAILABLE, THE PROGRAM HAS NOT YET BEEN PRODUCED **** An employee stock ownership plan or “ESOP” can be an extremely useful tool in terms of tax and employee benefits that it provides and in the contexts of business succession planning and corporate mergers and acquisitions. The design and structure of ESOP transactions and the administration of ESOPs in general, however, remain subject to heightened scrutiny. To help ERISA counsel, accountants, and corporate directors and officers understand the statutory and regulatory framework that governs ESOP transactions, our panel will discuss applicable laws and regulations impacting ESOP transactions, available regulatory guidance, and other critical considerations for structuring ESOP transactions. This program on advanced structuring alternatives for

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Ethics and Employment Law: Who is the Client and is it you?

Program Number: 2919 Presenter: Patricia C. Collins, Esq.

This seminar will review the ethics issues that arise for employment attorneys in representing an organization. It is inevitable that such a representation will result in close working relationships with executives and human resource employees that complicate the attorney-client relationship. Further, close involvement with the operations of the client or a particular decision regarding an employee may render the attorney a fact witness or simply too close to give good advice. Topics to be examined are: negotiating employee contracts, drafting policies that impact your client contact, termination or resignation of your client contract, attorneys as fact witnesses, attorneys as investigators, and maintaining professional distance.

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Filing Taxes on Crypto Gains/Losses (Feb 26, 2019)

Program Number: 2918 Presenter: John Rafferty, Esq.

**** CD's are pre-order only and not available until after the program date - Online is not available until after the program date **** After millions of new users flooded Cryptocurrency exchanges in late 2017, most cryptocurrencies saw a jumpy start to 2018 and erased many of their recent gains during the remainder of the year. Crypto investors were faced in 2018 with the choices to sell depressed assets or acquire new positions at discounted rates. Whether investors bought or sold, or just conducted atomic swaps in their crypto wallets, these transactions create certain, specific obligations for U.S. Citizens, whether home or abroad. Tune in to this Crypto/Tax CLE to learn about the legal requirements for reporting crypto gains, losses and swaps and learn about some online tools that just might make preparing to file your return simpler.

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Blockchain 201: Technical Concepts, Legal and Business Issues, Emerging Use Cases

Program Number: 2917 Presenter: Brian P. Bartish,Esq., Jonathan D. Blattmachr, Esq., Robert A. Musiala, Jr., Esq, Simone O. Otenaike, Esq., Jaime B. Petenko, Esq.

By now most professionals have heard about blockchain, but many still have questions about what makes this technology unique and how it will affect the business landscape. This presentation will seek to address these questions by providing an in-depth look at the key technical concepts behind blockchain and a framework for distinguishing between Bitcoin and enterprise grade blockchains. From there we will provide an overview of the critical legal, accounting and cybersecurity issues related to the emerging blockchain market. The presentation will close by highlighting some of the emerging use cases for blockchain, including tracking the food supply chain, self-sovereign identity, smart contracts and more.

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Trying Employment Cases in the Trump Era

Program Number: 2916 Presenter: Christopher V. Bacon, Esq.

With increased polarization of political opinions in the Trump, lawyers defending employers in employment cases have had to reconsider how they select jurors and present their cases. During this presentation Chris Bacon will talk about how he and other employment lawyers have adjusted their trial strategies in this new era. Questions that we will discuss include: How should a lawyer handle voir dire? What kind of jurors are you looking for? Is a juror with strong conservative views really an ideal juror for the defense in a sexual harassment or race discrimination case? We will also talk about how the actual trial needs to be approached in this era of political tribalism. For example, what arguments resonate best with jurors today including those with strong liberal views (e.g., the #metoo juror in a harassment case)? How do you make your witnesses persuasive –and likeable-- to jurors on both sides

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An Insider’s Guide To Matrimonial Law in New York

Program Number: 2915 Presenter: Michael A. Mosberg, Esq., Peter R. Stambleck, Esq.

This program is designed for non-family attorneys who represent individuals that require or may require guidance as to issues involving the practice of family law. The program will provide an overview of the major family law topic areas which shall be taught in a lecture format and supported with comprehensive materials.

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“Divorcing” and How do You Handle Children with Special Needs (April 24, 2019)

Program Number: 2914 Presenter: Madeline Marzaon-Lesnevich, Esq., Francesca O'Cathain, Esq.

**** CD's are pre-order only and not available until after the program date - Online Programs are not available until after the program date. If the online purchase button is not showing, then the on-demand program is not yet available. **** Children with special needs require special attention by all professions when their parents are separating or divorcing. This program “Divorcing and How do you Handle Children with Special Needs!” will address the specific and unique needs of handling a divorce with children with special needs. This program will touch on the psychological issues that play a role in determining parenting and custody plans, as well as the specific financial issues, such as child support and eligibility for federal and state services. Over the last fifteen years there has been a dramatic rise in the recognition and treatment of children with special needs and with that, comes a greater need for all

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Intellectual Property and Beyond: Expansion of Intellectual Property Rights in the Fashion Industry

Program Number: 2913 Presenter: Olivera Medenica, Esq.

This program will examine traditional intellectual property or design rights in the United States, and will examine the latest cases dealing with brand owners seeking to apply traditional IP rights to non-traditional elements of a design. The panel will examine whether recent cases indicate a willingness for courts to expand upon such rights vis-à-vis the fashion industry.

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Ethics in Review for IP In-House and Corporate Attorneys

Program Number: 2912 Presenter: Anthony F. Lo Cicero, Esq.

Ethics in Review for IP In-House and Corporate Attorneys - IP ethics issues don’t only arise in litigation. In- house and corporate attorneys must also be wary of conflict, disclosure, PTO compliance and other concerns. Anthony Lo Cicero of Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein will discuss recent development in these areas.

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Ethics & Copyright Litigation: What the Practitioner Needs to Know

Program Number: 2911 Presenter: Raymond Dowd, Esq.

Ray Dowd, author of West’s acclaimed Copyright Litigation Handbook and a partner in Dunnington Bartholow & Miller LLP in New York City will take us through the ethical pitfalls facing legal practitioners tackling copyright litigation. Appropriate for inhouse counsel, and private practitioners both seasoned and novice. Professional responsibility issues arise early in copyright litigation. The disciplinary rules of each jurisdiction impose a duty of professional competence. The combination of Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure requiring attorneys to investigate and warrant the viability of claims and defenses with the Copyright Act’s potential awards of attorneys fees as costs to the prevailing party, make the attorney litigating copyright claims a potential target throughout the litigation. In this age of sanctions being imposed on copyright trolls and overaggressive copyright enforcement, what are the ethical takeaways attorneys representing content owners and distributors? Is it a breach of ethics to send

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