The Go-To-Authority: How Lawyers can Ethically Use Blogging, Videos, and Public Speaking (April 18, 2019)

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Program Date: 04/18/2019


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If you want to build a book of business in the crowded legal industry, you have to find a way to showcase your knowledge. Blogging, Videos, Public Speaking are all tactics which can help position you as the go-to-authority in your niche or practice area.
• How and when to blog
o How to find topics to write about
o How long or short should a blog be?
• What is microblogging?
• How to create videos that will be viewed
o Live video platforms
o How long should your video be?
• Public Speaking for business development
o How to overcome the fear of public speaking
o How to give a TedX –like speech
o What presentation materials should you offer your audience?
• The ethical considerations you need to know so that you don’t lose your license when using these tactics.

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California, Colorado Eligible, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey Eligible, New York, New York - Experienced Attorneys Only, Texas Self Study

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50 minute credit hour - 2.0 General CLE credit, 1 Ethics Credit based on a 50-minute credit hour
60 minute credit hour - 2.0 General CLE credit, 1 Ethics Credit based on a 60-minute credit hour

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Credit Eligible for Experienced Attorneys Only in NY


Jaimie B. Field, Esq.

The Rain Maker

Jaimie B. Field, Esq. has been involved in the legal industry since the age of twelve. She worked at her grandfather’s law firm in NYC and her father’s firm in New Jersey during breaks from school. It was because of that experience that she wanted to attend law school and become an attorney.

She enjoyed her years at Temple University School of Law in Philadelphia and was lucky to obtain a job upon graduation as an in-house associate for a start-up entertainment company owned by the Jackson Family. As it was a brand new company, there were very few people on staff, so she began being called upon to perform tasks other than those related to law, including business development, marketing and public relations. It was there she discovered a passion and natural talent for that aspect of her job.

Thus began a 23 year odyssey to learn and apply all aspects of marketing to help companies grow.

Even though Jaimie was fully entrenched in the marketing arena, she had never gotten far away from the law. Companies she worked with would enlist her help with projects which utilized the skills and knowledge she learned in law school.

Seeing a business opportunity, Jaimie opened Marketing Field, LLC in 2002. It would become a marketing and business development consultancy devoted solely to law firms to help them grow by finding ethical solutions to getting new clients and marketing their firms.

In 2008, Marketing Field’s focus shifted. In addition to marketing, Jaimie had been training and coaching her clients to become Rainmakers, growing their books of business. Now, as THE-RAIN-MAKER she spends all of her time teaching attorneys to become rainmakers. She truly believes that anyone who has the ambition and drive can use their individual personalities to create the law practice they want with the right teacher. As her tagine says: Rainmakers are not Born, They are Taught.

Her seminars are always entertaining and informative and she has found a way to motivate attorneys when they can’t seem to motivate themselves. She works one-on-one with lawyers, provides live and telephonic group training, works within law firm settings to provide bespoke training to the attorneys which meshes with the culture of the firm and provides workshops and on-site Rainmaking Seminars with Ethics CLES.