Law Firms at a Crossroads: The New Paths to Safeguarding Data as Attacks Ramp Up

Program Number: 2937

Program Date: 01/22/2019


How do you protect your firm? The vast majority of cyber-related vulnerabilities can be traced to staff and third parties who accidentally or deliberately don’t follow security protocols or are tricked into downloading malicious code. Led by Keith Wojcieszek, former head of the USSS Cyber Intelligence Section, Criminal Investigation Division, and Brian Lapidus, global leader of Kroll’s Identity Theft and Breach Notification practice, this session will provide an overview of the latest cyber threats, insights into risks posed by the dark web, the opportunities presented by incorporating cyber intelligence into engagements, and practical steps to minimize its risks do data security, privacy, and overall firm reputation.

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Brian Lapidus

Kroll Associates, Inc.

Brian Lapidus is a Practice Leader of the Identity Theft & Breach Notification (ITBN) based in Kroll’s Nashville office. Brian helps clients and their advisors, including boards of directors, legal counsel and insurance providers, resolve the myriad complex issues resulting from a data breach.

The team has facilitated the response for nearly 1,500 data breaches across North America, many for clients in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services and higher education. The team regularly delivers comprehensive notification and remediation services in highly sensitive cases at the direction of a client’s outside legal counsel, thereby maintaining a level of attorney-client privilege in all matters pertaining to the breach.

With an eye toward providing a robust and compliant response that puts the client in the best defensible position, Brian oversees an organization that in 2015 was ranked by Forester as a leader in its Customer Data Breach Notification and Response Services Report, for its strong current offering, strong strategy to address current and future market needs, and experience supporting megasize customer data breaches. Since 1999, the ITBN team has provided data breach services for cases affecting more than 110 million individuals.

In addition to serving business and enterprise clients, Brian’s practice is engaged in consumer-level service and remediation in the wake of identity theft. Since 2003, Kroll has provided identity theft services to members of LegalShield, a provider of legal services for over 40 years. Brian also expanded Kroll’s individual identity theft restoration footprint in 2007 when he launched the program in Canada. The insight gained from helping individual consumers deal with the aftermath of a data breach helps inform the framework, quality and effectiveness of the services provided to corporate clients.

Brian has over 15 years of experience leading strategic business development, marketing and product expansion initiatives. His experience includes significant expertise driving affinity marketing programs and enhancing revenue generation for Kroll’s membership products. He concurrently focuses on optimizing organizational alignment around these key areas and continues to guide strategic partner relationships into a broader channel marketing structure that has consistently improved business performance.


Keith Wojcieszek

Kroll Associates, Inc.

Keith Wojcieszek is an Associate Managing Director in Kroll’s Cyber Risk practice, based in Washington, D.C. Keith joined Kroll from the United States Secret Service, where he served with distinction for 15 years. Keith is a strategic problem-solver, who draws on not only his wealth of advanced technical expertise, but also his extensive experience working with diverse international stakeholders on complex transnational investigations and initiatives.

Most recently, Keith led the USSS Cyber Intelligence Section, Criminal Investigation Division, where he managed the agency’s national response to cyber investigative initiatives focused on protecting the financial infrastructure of the United States. In this role, Keith also coordinated complex international investigations that targeted transnational organized crime networks with an emphasis on cyber and information security. Under Keith’s leadership, a number of these cases resulted in the apprehension of highly sophisticated cyber criminals who collectively were responsible for causing over $1 billion in financial losses.

Previously, Keith served with the USSS Cyber Intelligence Section, leading top-priority initiatives and multi-agency efforts, international and domestic, to apprehend high-value targets of cyber investigations across the world. These cases resulted in the arrest of several criminals who caused financial losses of more than $800 million. During this time, Keith also headed the Cyber Incident Operations Center, which had responsibility for coordinating the investigation and response to attacks on the financial infrastructure of the United States that inflicted hundreds of millions of dollars of losses. The investigations spearheaded by this group resulted in 19 individuals being taken into custody and prosecuted.

Earlier in his career, Keith led several domestic and global investigations working with the U.S. Department of Justice Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) and Office of International Affairs (OIA). From 2004-2010, Keith managed the Electronic Crimes Task Force in support of all electronic crime’s investigations, computer forensic examinations, and cell phone data extraction in the Louisville Field Office District. In this role, he also established the operation of a forensic laboratory; provided expert testimony in multiple state and federal cases; and coordinated training for USSS agents, local law enforcement, and industry representatives.

From 2012-2016, Keith was an integral member of protection details for the President, Vice President, Homeland Security Advisor to Terrorism, and Presidential Chief of Staff. During his time with the Presidential Protection Division, Keith led physical security for protection assignments and was also responsible for creating, establishing, and implementing physical security and emergency action protocols. Earlier, from 2012-2015, Keith was with the Counter Assault Team in the Special Operations Division, where he was acting and back-up supervisor of Special Operations personnel for its numerous foreign and domestic protection assignments for the President and Vice President. This often involved coordinating security in varying international environments for the USSS protective mission, and incorporated multiple U.S. federal agencies, local law enforcement, and foreign government personnel.