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Date Published: 11/07/2018

“Trial Skills: Impeaching a Witness” Witness Credibility in the Age of Trump: Does Lying Matter? 

The art of witness impeachment is time-tested trial tool to determine witness credibility in criminal and civil cases. In criminal cases, the government frequently utilizes the testimony of cooperating witnesses to secure convictions. In doing so, those witnesses acknowledge their past misdeeds, including instances of dishonesty and untruthfulness. While historically, prosecutors sought to brush aside those acts of dishonesty by emphasizing that those acts occurred before the witness entered into the cooperation agreement, in today’s environment, in which citizens are confronted with whether their politicians or media outlets are telling the truth, juries may be looking at a witness’s history of truth telling with very close scrutiny in making credibility determinations. This CLE will examine tactics for impeaching witnesses in this current political environment, recent trials where jurors were confronted with a witness’s egregious lies, and what lawyers can or should do at trial to best identify possible approaches to utilize these vulnerabilities at trial.

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