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Date Published: 04/16/2019

Designing and Drafting the Integrated Estate Planning Structure

Asset protection practitioners need to be well-versed in the relevant core concepts before endeavoring to assist their clients with a plan’s design and implementation. In this program, Edward D. Brown will provide an in-depth introduction to the conceptual design and implementation of a client’s overall integrated estate plan. Areas of discussion will include what is an integrated estate planning trust (“IEPT”), what is a limited partnership, a general overview of an integrated estate plan, balancing protection with flexibility, how much of the client’s overall estate should one set out to protect, an overview of available integrated estate planning techniques, whether an IEPT should stand alone or be integrated with the client’s overall estate plan, the trustee selection process and whether an IEPT’s settlor(s) should act as the IEPT’s protector(s). Additional topics of discussion will include a comparison of domestic trusts versus foreign trusts for both asset protection and U.S. tax purposes, a comparative analysis of which domestic and foreign jurisdictions are more protective for asset protection purposes, and the federal and foreign tax implications of a model asset protection plan. A model planning structure will be presented and reviewed as a case study.

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