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Date Published: 11/16/2018

Celesq announces new HOT CLE on Mental Health and Substance Abuse - December 12, 2018

Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Stress in the Legal Profession: Addressing the Toxicity that Puts Lawyers at Risk

Recent research confirms the high incidence of mental health, stress and substance abuse issues in the legal profession, and the culture of the profession is often identified as a culprit.  As a response, the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being released The Path to Lawyer Well-Being: Practical Recommendations for Positive Change. According to the Task Force, “We are at a crossroads. To maintain public confidence in the profession, to meet the need for innovation in how we deliver legal services, to increase access to justice, and to reduce the level of toxicity that has allowed mental health and substance use disorders to fester among our colleagues, we have to act now.”
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Every lawyer is at risk for mental health and substance abuse issues and every lawyer can help a colleague. Learn to identify the predictors, warning signs and ethical risks of mental health (including substance use) issues and learn ways to reach out as an individual and for your organization. Learn about language choices that can reduce shame and better encourage help-seeking. Learn about the action steps in the Well-Being report that individuals and organizations can implement now and for the future. 

Click HERE to view the upcoming live webcast on December 12 at noon Eastern Time

Click HERE to view the on-demand version at, 2 - 3 days following the live webcast

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