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Divorce 101: The Divorce Legal Process Explained


Between 40-50 percent of married couples in U.S. will ultimately divorce. For the new family law practitioner, and for attorneys... read more

Untangling Fear in Lawyering


For many law students and lawyers, studying and practicing law can be scary. We rarely talk about fear in law... read more

Art and the Spoils of War: Lessons from the Temple of Ishtar


Join us for the story of how the ownership of an Assyrian gold tablet excavated in 1913 from the Temple... read more

While Reason Slept


Thomas F. Brier, Jr., an attorney and author of the book, While Reason Slept, discusses the ideological origins of the... read more

Designing and Drafting the Integrated Estate Planning Structure


Asset protection practitioners need to be well-versed in the relevant core concepts before endeavoring to assist their clients with a... read more

Becoming a Lawyer: Discovering and Defining Your Professional Persona


Today’s legal marketplace demands professionals with a range of qualities in which many attorneys are deficient–not because they lack ability... read more

The Go-To-Authority: How Lawyers can Ethically Use Blogging, Videos, and Public Speaking


If you want to build a book of business in the crowded legal industry, you have to find a way... read more

Rapid Adoption: A Telehealth Primer


Join this session to remove some of the mystique of telehealth. Andrew Wilson, a healthcare attorney, and Carol Morris, Delaware’s... read more

“Divorcing” and How do You Handle Children with Special Needs


Children with special needs require special attention by all professions when their parents are separating or divorcing. This program “Divorcing... read more

Child Custody 101: Determining Custody and Parenting Time for Modern Families


For divorcing spouses with kids, custody decisions about their children are a top priority -- and a top source of... read more