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Trademark Counterfeiting in 2021


The old tactics of anticounterfeiting enforcement against street vendors and flea market operators have largely been replaced with online takedown... read more

Everything You Wanted to Know About Blockchain But Didn’t Know to Ask


You may be familiar with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies but do you know anything about the underlying technology and why... read more

The Trouble with TikTok & Other Cautionary Foreign Investment Tales: Navigating the New CFIUS Landscape


As headline grabbing actions around TikTok, StaynTouch, Grindr, and PatientsLikeMe demonstrate, the risks associated with foreign investment in the U.S.... read more

Social Media and the Lifecycle of the Attorney/Client Relationship


Social media has become an integral part of our society. The Pew Research Center reports that approximately 70% of the... read more

Up the Ladder Reporting – Counsel’s Ethical and Legal Obligations for Addressing Potential Violations by Management


This ethics program will discuss a lawyer’s legal and ethical obligations when he or she believes that a member of... read more