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Recent Decisions Impacting Class Certification Motions in Securities Litigation


Recent Supreme Court rulings have changed the landscape of what evidence may be considered by courts when deciding motions for... read more

Post-Lehman Rules of the Road: Navigating the Latest Federal Stay Regulations Governing Financial Contracts with Global Systemically Important Banks


Procedural gaps between the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and federal bank rehabilitation procedures caused one of the destabilizing features of the... read more

Introduction to Whistleblower Laws


A whistleblower or qui tam action can provide financial rewards to individuals who have information that a company/individual has committed... read more

Cybersecurity as Business Risk: Evaluating Cyber Risk in M&A


Due Diligence is critical to determining the value of business and preserving the acquirer’s investment. But often, cybersecurity and cyber... read more

Addressing Political Statements in a Virtual Employment World


Human resource professionals and employment lawyers are being required to devote more time to helping employers manage political speech and... read more

Ethically Dealing with Substance Abuse and Addiction in the Legal Profession


Studies show that lawyers are at greater risk for alcohol and other substance use disorders, depression, other mental illness, and... read more

What to do Before your Client Signs on the Dotted Line


Everyone calls a litigator when they are sued or are contemplating suing. However, calling your litigation colleague prior to your... read more

Inside the Proposed "New York Privacy Act"


In recent years, several states have been drafting legislation to enhance consumers’ privacy rights. The California Consumer Privacy Act, which... read more

Medical Malpractice Update in Pennsylvania 2020


This highly regarded program given by Cliff Rieders over more than 20 years has not yet been done in Pennsylvania... read more

Ethically Developing A Law Firm Security Game Plan


Increasingly, law firms face the challenge of developing a comprehensive game plan to defend against the myriad of cyber threats... read more