Celesq® Upcoming Webcasts

SEC Whistleblower Program: Where We Stand with Internal Investigations and Corporate Policies/ Procedures


In this program, of particular interest to in-house lawyers and litigators at public companies, our presenters will address developments under... read more

A Primer on International Taxation


This will be a discussion on inbound taxation (foreigners doing business or investing in the U.S.). Attendees will learn the... read more

Maximizing Cause Challenges: Getting Jurors to Reveal Bias and Admit They Can’t Be Fair


Every juror filters your arguments and evidence through a lens crafted from their attitudes and experiences; the key to a... read more

FISA: More of Everything You Didn’t Know


Electronic surveillance represents the most important foreign intelligence collection tool available to the U.S. government. Correspondingly, the ability to... read more

The Business of Online Business: Session One - Domain Names and Domain Name Disputes


Every business with a website is an e-business and, as a result, face challenges that are unique to online commerce... read more

Divorce 101: The Divorce Legal Process Explained


Between 40-50 percent of married couples in U.S. will ultimately divorce. For the new family law practitioner, and for attorneys... read more

Get Smart on the Law of Smart Contracts


Smart contracts are an important tool that will help drive the commercialization of blockchain technology. Smart contracts are code that... read more

Untangling Fear in Lawyering


For many law students and lawyers, studying and practicing law can be scary. We rarely talk about fear in law... read more

Art and the Spoils of War: Lessons from the Temple of Ishtar


Join us for the story of how the ownership of an Assyrian gold tablet excavated in 1913 from the Temple... read more

Restraining Former Employees from Improper Use of Confidential Information and Enforcing Non-Competition Provisions


Megan Lopp Mathias will present information geared toward in-house counsel to assist in the protection of confidential and trade secret... read more