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Ordinary Course in Extraordinary Times: Lessons from The Recent Delaware Decision of AB Stable v. MAPS by the Litigators That Tried the Case


In the first terminated transaction to go to trial during the pandemic--AB Stable v. MAPS--the Delaware Court of Chancery decided... read more

Blabbing, Boasting and Ghosting: The Ethics of Lawyers Writing Blogs


Lawyers, both in practice and business settings, are increasingly communicating via blogs and other forms of social media, such as... read more

Employers: There’s a Vaccine. Now What?


This CLE will address questions that just about every employer is asking right now. Can they, – and should they... read more

Unnamed Class Member Standing: A Circuit-by-Circuit Analysis


Must unnamed class members have standing for a court to certify or enter judgment in a class action? The answer... read more

In the Midst of the Pandemic, Where Does the “Gig Economy” Stand?


Before COVID-19 dominated the headlines, the gig economy was big news as it evolved, matured, and disrupted the modern workforce.... read more

Turning your Rooftops into Gold Mines


If you are a property owner, and particularly an owner of multi-story commercial properties, join us for a discussion of... read more

Social Media and the Lifecycle of the Attorney/Client Relationship


Social media has become an integral part of our society. The Pew Research Center reports that approximately 70% of the... read more

Hot Topics in Right of Publicity Disputes


The parameter of rights in an individual’s persona—name, voice, likeness and other elements of an individual’s identity—is often a key... read more

Employer Strategies for When Off-duty Conduct Impacts the Workplace


Now more than ever, employees are engaging in off-duty conduct that impacts the workplace. From attendance at political rallies and... read more

Virtual Litigation – Where We’ve Been, and Where We Are Going


It has been one year since many law firms, including ours, closed their physical doors and opened for business “virtually.”... read more