Directory of Website Addresses for State Bars and Boards*

State Web address
Alabama State Bar
Alaska Bar Association
State Bar of Arizona
Arkansas Bar Association
The State Bar of California
Colorado Bar Association 
Connecticut Bar Association
Deleware State Bar Assoc.
District of Columbia Bar Association
The Florida Bar
State Bar of Georgia
Hawaii State Bar Association
Idaho State Bar
Illinois State Bar Association
Indiana Commision for CLE
The Iowa State Bar
The Kansas Bar Association
Kentucky Bar Association
Louisanna State Bar Association
Maine State Bar Association
The Maryland State Bar Association
Massachusettes Bar Association
State Bar of Michigan
Minnesota State Bar Association
Mississippi Bar Association
The Missouri Bar
State Bar of Montana
Nebraska State Bar Association
The State Bar of Nevada
New Hampshire Bar Association
New Jersey State Bar Association
State Bar of New Mexico
New York State Bar Association 
The North Carolina Bar Association
North Dakota CLE Commission
Ohio State Bar Association 
Oklahoma State Bar
Oregon State Bar
Pennsylvania Bar Association
Rhode Island Bar Association
South Carolina Bar
South Dakota Bar
Tennessee Bar Association
State Bar of Texas
Utah State Bar
Vermont Bar Association
Virginia State Bar
Washington State Bar Association
West Virginia State Bar
State Bar of Wisconsin
Wyoming State Bar

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