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The State of Telemedicine in 2016

Program Number: 2607 Presenter: Sheryl Feutz-Harter, Esq., Jason D. Haislmaier, Esq.

Join us for this important program on telemedicine for attorneys. Topics include: • an overview of what is telemedicine and the types of telemedicine services; • the current legal and regulatory issues impacting telemedicine programs, including: coverage and reimbursement; licensure issues; and credentialing of telemedicine providers; • issues to be considered when implementing a telemedicine program; and • what is anticipated in telemedicine in 2016.

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When State and Federal Health Care Laws Collide: Application of the Stark Law to Medicaid Claims and Advice on Protecting a State Law-based Peer Review Privilege During a Federal Health Care Fraud Investigation

Program Number: 2561 Presenter: Meridyth M. Andresen, Esq., Raymond Joseph Burby IV, Esq., Laura S. Perlov, Esq.

While many scholars are focused on recent trends into Medicare fraud schemes, this program discusses the recent trend of government investigations into Medicaid healthcare fraud and recent studies/investigations into Medicaid fraud across the country. Also discussed: • the application of federal Stark Laws to Medicaid programs, recent cases in this area, and how the state Medicaid programs and Federal Stark Laws intersect • advice on how Medicaid Plans and Providers servicing Medicaid beneficiaries can protect themselves from liability under Stark • state peer review privileges, including the scope and breadth of such privileges, and the way in which federal government agencies have been successful in piercing those privileges during their healthcare fraud investigations • advice on how Health Plans and Providers can protect their state-based peer review privilege in advance of such investigations.

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