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What the Supreme Court’s Murphy v. NCAA Decision Means for Fantasy Sports


Arent Fox Sports Partners Glenn Colton and Jennifer O’Sullivan invite you to a 60-minute webinar that will highlight key consequences... read more

Ethics and Employment Law: Who is the Client and is it You?


This seminar will review the ethics issues that arise for employment attorneys in representing an organization. It is inevitable... read more

Subtle Harassment, Code Words and Implicit Bias


For employment law practitioners, egregious and high-profile incidents and allegations are not the only matters that generate litigation. More... read more

Blockchain Developments: Payments, Capital Markets, Enterprise and Patents


By now most professionals have heard about blockchain, but many still have questions about what makes this technology unique and... read more

Trying Employment Cases in the Trump Era


With increased polarization of political opinions in the Trump, lawyers defending employers in employment cases have had to reconsider how... read more

Ethics in Review for IP In-House and Corporate Attorneys


Ethics in Review for IP In-House and Corporate Attorneys - IP ethics issues don’t only arise in litigation. In-... read more

Ethical Considerations for Attorneys Involved in Estate Planning and Asset Protection


Attorneys who assist clients with their asset protection and estate planning needs must be careful to comply with what is... read more

Ethics and Cybersecurity: A Lawyer’s Professional Obligations Under the ABA Model Rules


In addition to complying with data security statutes and regulations, lawyers must comply with ethical obligations under the rules of... read more

Filing Taxes on Crypto Gains/Losses


After millions of new users flooded Cryptocurrency exchanges in late 2017, most cryptocurrencies saw a jumpy start to 2018 and... read more

Cartel Enforcement: What You Don’t Know Could Cost You—So Listen in and Know It


This program will give you critical information to avoid a crippling cartel investigation; an insider’s look at how to deal... read more