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Cryptocurrency Regulations: Past, Present, and Future


Since the publication of the Satoshi Whitepaper in 2009 which launched the Bitcoin protocol, cryptocurrencies have begun reshaped the financial... read more

Online Counterfeit Products: How to Protect Your Brand!


Just as commerce has migrated from brick and mortar stores to the internet, so too have the activities of counterfeiters.... read more

A FISA Primer- Everything You Didn’t Know, You Didn’t Know


Electronic surveillance represents the most important foreign intelligence collection tool available to the U.S. government. Correspondingly, the ability to... read more

The High Court and Securities Law: A Look Back at the 2018 Term and the Coming Term


Digital Realty Trust. Cyan and Lucia defined key securities law issues regarding whistleblowers, class actions and perhaps... read more

The Practical Guide to the California Consumer Privacy Protection Act


The California Consumer Privacy Protection Act of 2018 (“CPPA”) is arguably the most comprehensive - and complex - data privacy... read more

How to Use Social Media for Rainmaking Success (Without Losing Your License to Practice Law)


Social Media is here to stay. There are more than 330 million active users monthly on Twitter. Facebook has 1.5 BILLION... read more

Cyber Liability 101: The Threats of Cyber / Data / Network Liability


The exposure to Cyber threats for companies has escalated over the past 10 years. What was once a random... read more

Making your Client Judgement Proof: A Practical Guide to Asset Protection Planning


From the underlying substantive law to practical aspects of making your client judgment-proof (i.e., what works and what does not),... read more

Attorneys Negotiating with Vendors, Including Product Evaluation, Contract Negotiation, and More


Whether you’ve been in private practice for many years, or are preparing to open your own law firm, maximizing the... read more

Confidentiality and Context in the Workplace


Courts have struggled for decades to define and enforce reasonableness in the context of NDAs. However, the legal debate over... read more