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Employment Compliance in the Age of Legalized Marijuana


Though cannabis is illegal under federal law, at least 30 states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis for... read more

Recent Developments in Delaware M&A Litigation


In this program, Jones Day partners Mark W. Rasmussen and Evan P. Singer discuss recent trends in takeover litigation in... read more

The Federal Rule of Civil Procedure


The 2015 amendments to the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure placed renewed emphasis on proportionality in discovery and sought to... read more

Patent Damages and Valuation: What Businesses Need to Know


It is increasingly necessary for businesses to understand the value of patents, including those in their own portfolios and those... read more

Doing Bad by Doing Good: Managing Risks Surrounding Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives at Law Firms


Corporations are selecting law firms that have active diversity and inclusion initiatives, and are working less with law firms that... read more

Legal Cannabis and Taxes


This webinar will give background on tax issues faced by legal cannabis businesses. We will review the background of... read more

Effective Evaluation and Mediation of Discrimination and Employment Cases: Practical Pointers for Promoting the Process and Avoiding Pitfalls to Resolution


Litigating employment claims can be risky, time consuming and expensive for the parties. An increasing trend in employment cases involving... read more

Back to the Future: Criminal Insider Trading Under Title 18


The government has brought charges for illegal insider trading primarily under the federal securities laws, chiefly Section 10 of the... read more

Remediating Old Documents & Data to Reduce Business Risks and Costs


With the rising risks associated with retaining large volumes of data, such as the regulatory focus on cyber-security and data... read more

When Quasi-Municipalities Go Bad: How Does It End?


When municipal subsidiaries and affiliated entities “quasi-municipalities” are distressed, investors often awaken to unexpected litigation regarding whether the entity is... read more